Blister packaging tools for pharmaceuticals

Our company provides a complete set of blister packaging tools for fulfillment of new product needs. We posses high engineering capabilities to model in 3D new blister cards, design blister pockets and determine required change parts for every machine station from forming to cutting. We offer a full-service, experienced engineering staff, together with skilled technicians, machinists and toolmakers SEE MORE …


Stainless steel towel radiators        

Stainless steel is a superior material to a common mild steel for many reasons, out of which the most important is being more resistant to corrosion, meaning that these rails are offered with longer guarantees than a normal steel equivalent. In wet environments such as bathroom, you can be sure that your Stainless Steel Towel Radiator will last and last, and keep on warming your room for years to come. SEE MORE …


Various products                                 

Solar ing Ltd. has remarkable knowledge and experience in the area of metal processing, including manifolds manufacture and various other parts that include welding, machining, cutting and deforming of carbon and stainless steel. We offer personally designed and manufactured products as well as availability for manufacture of products made per order of our counterparts. SEE MORE …